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Hi, if you’re here I assume you’re looking to read some short inspirational poems about life, well I’ve summed up some of the best of them below. Check them out. Read them in a quiet place if you really wanna feel them.


Short Inspirational Poems About Life


Choose To Leave

by Najwa Zebian © Najwa Zebian

Sometimes, you can’t
just wait for the tables
to turn.
Sometimes, you have to
change the table that you
are sitting at.

You are bigger than
You are bigger than
Keep your soul

Let Them Go

by Najwa Zebian © Najwa Zebian

the best thing you can do
for someone you love
is let them go.
Set them free.
WIsh them happiness and set them free.

Set yourself free.

No More Unhappy People

by Catherine Pulsifer, © Catherine Pulsifer

There are many people in life,
That try and bring you down.
These people are very selfish,
And enjoy making you frown.

And then there are others,
Who don’t even see what they do
They unintentionally do certain things,
That has an effect on you.

The problem with all these people,
Is it’s the same every time.
You feel yourself getting madder,
And forget they’re not worth a dime.

Why do we let them do this,
Every time their around.
We need to start remembering,
That it’s our choice to put on the frown.

And more importantly, there are others,
Who are kind and sweet and smart.
These are the people we should be around,
It’s time to make a new start.

Let’s stop letting certain people,
Get the best of who we are.
They don’t deserve our feelings,
Our tears or words by far.

We don’t need them in our lives. We will focus on the good,
And all the loving people.
It’s time we honor those,
And life will be more peaceful!

Look For The UPside Of Life

by Julie Hebert, © Julie Hebert

Drops on my window,
Grey skies way up high.

The world looks so gloomy,
Why even look outside.

I sit in my house,
Depressed with a frown.

I hate feeling crappy,
But the weather brings me down.

Why do I feel crappy?
Why do I wear a frown?

Days like today,
Bring so much to this town.

If it weren’t for the rain,
We’d all live in a desert.

With no trees, grass or flowers,
Just dirt and prickly cactus. There would be no fields to run in,
Or gardens to adore.
No tree leaves to jump in,

That fall to the floor. And for kids most of all,
This tragedy they’d endure.
What good are raincoats and rubber boots,
If puddles are no more.

If we look at it differently,
And see not just bad.
See the good in what rain brings,
Maybe these days we’d be glad.

And life is just like that,
You only see what you decide.
You have to open yourself up,
And allow for both sides.

The rain will stop sometime,
And a rainbow will appear.
The sun will come out too,
And it’ll all feel like a cheer.

You’ll run in the green field,
And smell a fresh flower.
The trees will blow softly,
All because of a shower.


by Najwa Zebian © Najwa Zebian

So one person let you go.
One place let you go.
One dream gave up on you.
What about all the other people?
All the other places?
All the other ideas and dreams?
Are they not worth the chances that
you took?


By John McLeod © John McLeod

Awakening to the fresh dawn of the morning
Not knowing what new paths this day will bring,
But trusting in his gentle hands to guide you
Just as he cares for every mortal thing,
And stumbling forth find the strength you lacked so badly
Stream in to give a sense of fullness through,
To me, (one fails to count, the kindest people:
Samaritans whose names you never knew.

With dusk, the toil of the day brings healthy tiredness,
And climbing stairs one wonders all the more
How many friends perhaps you’ll meet tomorrow
And what life’s traveling onwards has in store.
How often, then, to lie as sleep steals over
And count the blessings that he brings to you,
Through people who are happy just to serve him:
Samaritans whose names you never knew!

How Sweet To Hear

By John McLeod, © John McLeod

How sweet to hear in the evening’s hush
A song-thrush caroling its joy,
When sunset paints its carmine blush
And day’s dull straws no more employ
The mind, and as one’s rest draws near
A few quiet moments linger yet
To count rich memories so dear . . .
The love of Life one can’t forget!

I Will Heal

by Najwa Zebian © Najwa Zebian

I sincerely hope that
your soul finds peace.
You broke me, but it was only
because you were broken.
I will heal because I know that
I need to,
but, I worry that you will never
that you are in need of healing.

It Is

By John McLeod, © John McLeod

It’s the little bit of sunshine
Lighting up the dullest day,
That brings a glow of pleasure
As we journey on Life’s way.
It’s the simple things that please us
Like a willing kindness is done,
That son blow away each storm-cloud
‘Till once more we see the sun.

Your Life

By Julie Hebert,© Julie Hebert 

Each day we are given is a gift,
And a gift we always should appreciate.
When days start to run together,
It’s then that our days depreciate.

So try to slow and take each day,
Only one at a time.
Life will always have its ups and downs,
But the ups are more fun to climb.

Every morning you awake to accomplish something,
Should be on your mind.
So choose your thought for the day,
And do it and then unwind.

If every day you have a goal,
And every day it gets done.
Life will never run away,
And life will be much more fun


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